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Everything we do is geared towards developing and improving the governance arrangements of the organisations we work with.


We are not a firm. We are run by the NHS, for the NHS, offering best value and a real focus on the needs of the service; dedicated to helping deliver quality and safe patient care.  We also provide assurance services to other sectors, including charities, social enterprise and education.


We add value in everything that we do. Through working with us, you will receive a ‘hands on’ approach at the highest level, dedicated to working with you to improve your governance and help you succeed, through acting as a “sounding board” providing insight, advice, support and challenge. 


Our depth of knowledge, commitment to our clients and depth of support, based on a deep understanding of service need is what makes us different.  

Mission and Vision Statement

ASW Assurance


We are a cost effective solution to providing high quality assurance services to assist our partners in delivering and sharing excellence in governance.


Our vision is to be the chosen provider of quality, trusted, added value assurance services that are sustainable and deliver excellent solutions.

Our Values and Goals


Audit South West Assurance

Understand and respect others’ values, diversity, cultures, needs and opinions.

Care about everything we do, for our clients and our people.

Work together to get the best results for our clients and our people, through developing and sharing experience. Lead by example, with commitment, enthusiasm and clarity of vision.


We will develop new innovative ways of integrated working to support our clients in addressing key challenges.

We will provide services which are greatly valued by our clients and delivered to the highest standards.

We will provide flexible, agile capacity and maintain a team of highly skilled professionals with a focus on wellbeing.

We will deliver a cost effective, and competitive service which supports reinvestment for the benefit our clients.




Working Together

Integrated Working

Quality and Satisfaction

People and Capacity

Finance and Sustainability

Governance and Independence

ASW Assurance


ASW Assurance is a not for profit NHS shared service, based on a consortium approach, with each consortium member organisation ‘pooling’ their internal audit and counter fraud resources to benefit from a sharing of resources, skills and expertise under a shared management structure.


We provide circa 6,300 internal audit, counter fraud and security management days annually to our client base. 




We are governed by the ASW Assurance Consortium Board, chaired by the Director of Finance and Information for University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust.


All members of the Consortium are represented on the Board and are committed and proactive in the strategic development of the delivery of internal audit, assurance, counter fraud and consultancy services.


Mission and Vision Statement | ASW Assurance
Governance and Independence | ASW Assurance


Behave professionally, be prepared to constructively challenge our clients and ourselves, and uphold soundly based opinions.


Working as far as possible in a sustainable way – keeping the carbon footprint of our activities to a minimum and acting in an ethical environmentally conscious way in everything we do.

Audi South West Assurance

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